Version 1.02 Date: 01/05/2004

Homepages: https://d2ext.sklabs.ru/en/sagas/avalanche/about
https://d2ext.sklabs.ru/ru/sagas/avalanche/about [Russian]
http://BlackKnights.narod.ru/disciples2/avalanche.htm [Russian]
1. Authors: Team "Romzes & Valex"

- Roman Burlachenko aka Romzes
Ukraine, Luhansk
e-mail: lg12@gts.lg.ua
- Alexey Nazarov aka Valex
Russia, Ulan-Ude
e-mail: valexn@burnet.ru
2. The title of the saga: "Avalanche"
(Saga is describing the events after Second Great War. You have to take the role of the leader of the Mountain Clans and bring greatness to the Mountain Clans Kingdom)
3. Maps Type: Single Player Saga - Mountain Clans
4. Number of the maps: Five (starting date of saga design: 01.04.2003)
            (final date of saga design: 01.12.2003)
5. Names and size of the maps:
1 - "In Search Of A New Ally"   48x48
2 - "Foamy"   48x48
3 - "Confrontation"   96x96
4 - "Without Alternate"   144x144
5 - "Come Back"   48x48
6. Recommended difficulty level:
"Very Hard"
7. Other information: Number of enemies - from 0 to 3.
Time restrictions: second and firth map.
Editor version: Disciples II Scenario Editor v1.41
Game version: Disciples II v1.41, localizations of "Russobit-М", and third party translators.

Supported languages: English, Russian.
8. Installation: Copy file "Avalanche.csg" into subfolder \campaign of the game directory. Start the game, select - "Single mode" and then - "Custom saga".
Note: In "Custom saga" mode the quick load option CTRL+L won’t work.

Please send your comments and questions on the following addresses: <lg12@gts.lg.ua> and <valexn@burnet.ru>

Authors are GRATEFUL to the following comrades:
- Klochkov Sergei (HSerg), https://D2Ext.sklabs.ru - for his invaluable help in saga creation. Also for releasing the saga on his site and for being truly fan of this excellent game!

- Ogloblin Dmitry (Vadzra) - for complete and high-quality saga translation to English!

- WarLord (Point), www.BlackKnights.narod.ru - for information support and releasing the saga on his site!

- Mohrakov Kirill (KIRR) - for excellent poem about saga and huge amount of help in version 1.02 preparation!

- Malyavin Alexey (Ayl) - for high-quality testing of the saga, detailed advices of the map improvements, and moral support during the process of saga creation!

We hope that you will enjoy Saga!