Saga "AVALANCHE" describes the events after Second Great War. Defeated Mountains Clans are gathering their forces under princess Yataa’ Hali command. They are dreaming of the future greatness of their Kingdom. But their plans won’t come true. The group of conspirators who wanted to take revenge over Empire and who disliked peaceful initiatives of the Clans Council took the power. They deported princess Yataa’ Hali from the country and dismissed the Council. The vindictive mage Hugin become the leader of the Mountain Clans Kingdom. He started preparations for new "victorious" war. New Clans Council was looking for the new allies in that war and tried to return powerful artifacts in the possession of the Mountain Clans. You are the young officer of the Clans army have the opportunity to make your career and to play the main role in the coming events. Some difficult tasks await you: to play the role of the diplomat in search of the new allies of the Mountain Clans, to return the powerful artifact left in the Abandoned Temple of the Clans, to defeat the Undead Hordes on the south-east region of the country and take the ownership over gold mines, to defend your land against Empire troops and finally to find princess Yataa’ Hali and return her the throne of the Mountain Clans.

01 December 2003 :: Romzes & Valex