You want to learn all power of the severe hills,
To overcome your enemies in fight, release the fury of the sons of Yamir,
Invoke the Hermits to the aid and magic of the Druids,
And sweep all opponents as snow AVALANCHE.

Then who are you is not important - be Soldier, Rogue or Wizard,
Begin the way, step up on hardest path of hero,
Axe, staff or bow in your arms,
Will help you be alive in combat.

Be brave and concentrate along your path
Go forward with no fear, no trembling
You are the only hope of Mountain Clans
And their only chance to restoration.

Return the rest and peace in hearts, stop contentions,
Kill the betrayers, who tear land of yours in pieces
Free princess and help to return her a throne,
And let she’ll come to lawful power!

Mohrakov Kirill (KIRR)
29.01.04 - 18.03.04


Well that is all, the path of the hero ends,
With only honour and respect remaining,
Thanks friend, for what has saved the freedom of the dwarves,
That is the bravery example for future generations.

In centuries your feat will be remembered well.
Let artful enemies do not forget,
That there always are protectors for the clans,
The heroes, that own mountains guard.

Empire, demons and undead, and everyone who’s lucky to survive,
Will keep in mind all horror of your campaign forever,
And where the their heroes were are now crosses,
The worthy son of great people!

You’ve smashed enemies, as snow AVALANCHE,
Inevitably going downwards from peaks to bottom,
So for victory we’ll have drink firkin ale,
And cheerfully we’ll sing, in salute throw up axes!

Mohrakov Kirill (KIRR)
29.01.04 - 18.03.04